Majestic Skógafoss (‘Skógá’ = the Skógá River, ‘foss’ = waterfall) was one of my favorite stops on the entire trip!  It is located on the southern coast of the island just west of Vík on the Ring Road – easily visible from the highway.  There is a small…village? hamlet? very close to the waterfall with a large parking lot, a few shops, bathrooms ($1 to use – honor system) and a campground.



You can walk right up to the pool under the falls, but the mist is intense  (this was one of the several times on the trip that I was glad I followed other travelers’ advice to bring waterproof pants and boots when visiting Iceland.)   This means rainbows on sunny days ^_^



To the right of the falls is a steep staircase leading to the top.  The views were incredible:







You can see Dyrhólaey (closed for puffin nesting season) in the distance:



Clif climbed the sheep gate at the top of the cliff and walked up the river a bit:




After an hour or two we took off east towards Vík.  This should have been about the time I learned how to drive stick, but we procrastinated and left that for the latter half of the trip.  As it turns out, learning to drive a manual is difficult in mountainous terrain.   But that’s a story for another blog post.







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