Seljavallalaug Iceland

Nestled at the foot of the Eyjafjoll mountains, this gorgeous pool was definitely worth the hike. In fact, I’d say the hike was more enjoyable than the pool itself. Mainly due to the massive number of tourists in such a small pool.

To get there, drive North on 242 towards Seljavellir. When you get to a gate at a gravel road, keep going. After about 2 km, you’ll find a few small parking areas.

The hike has two trails that split early on, but both are visible to the other. One is along the river flowing down from the Eyjafjallajökull glaciers. The other veers upward onto the edge of the mountain. Both trails were roughly one km long.

The lower trail was a pleasant hike. Realatively flat and gives a great view of the river.

The upper trail was fun, but more for the adventurous. There was at least one part requiring a small hop over an area too steep to walk across. There was also a large pile of mid-sized stones to climb across roughly halfway.

 The views are amazing from up here though.

We decided not to swim as we stopped at Blue Lagoon just one day before, and there were roughly a dozen others there. If you happen to be lucky enough to reach the pool without any other visitors, definitely take a swim!

Iceland Tip: the “fjoll” in Eyjafjoll means “mountains” and the “jökull” in Eyjafjallajökull means “glaciers”. So, “Eyjafjoll mountains” and “Eyjafjallajökull glaciers” are technically redundant. Sorry, not sorry 😊.

Til we meet again, Eyjafjoll!

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